In Times of War
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Dark Pony
The House Of Blue Leaves
Arrangement For Two Violas
The Age Of Cynicism
-or- Karaoke At The Hog
WASP and Excerpts
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Soft Target
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Book Of Mercy
The Liquid Moon
The Last Barbecue
Descent (A Darwinian Comedy)
I Came To New York To Write


“This satire of everyday life in America after 9/11 is a comedy with an edge that scrapes against its audience.”

With terror in the news, Buddy and his in-laws must survive a night of fear that threatens a way of life.

“Horrifying and comical…Soft Target hits the mark in addressing the irrational thoughts lurking in the mind of the American Everyman, sending its audience into cathartic laughter with a comic look at fear in the age of terrorism…Celeste Lynch and Jack Hickey play off each other brilliantly.”LaRonika Thomas, Backstage

“Increasingly absorbing…unruly and frightening…Director Ann Filmer deftly handles the tonal switcheroos and draws especially convincing work from Miller’s Buddy, Fradin’s Susan and the extremely droll Scott Harris as Stuart.”
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Successfully captures a volatile mood of growing paranoia…Susan’s confrontation with Buddy is a startling, unforgiving and very scary dramatic moment…Recommended
Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

Ilyssa Fradin, Scott Harris, Jack Hickey, Celeste Lynch and
Tim Miller as Buddy.

Barry Bennett, Morgan and Randy Cromwell, Jeff Pines
and Elizabeth Rinaldi

by Tom Patrick
World Premiere
directed by Ann Filmer
an Orange Alert

Sept 25-Nov 2, 2003
Chicago Dramatists
Chicago, IL
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