In Times of War
Almost Done, Reunion,
Dark Pony
The House Of Blue Leaves
Arrangement For Two Violas
The Age Of Cynicism
-or- Karaoke At The Hog
WASP and Excerpts
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Us or Them
Soft Target
Eric La Rue
The Clowny Plays
Book Of Mercy
The Liquid Moon
The Last Barbecue
Descent (A Darwinian Comedy)
I Came To New York To Write


“It’s a gift— madness. That only a rare few can manage.”
– Stella in Book of Mercy

A mystical revelation awaits a woman when she confronts the mystery behind the 12th step. Set in an elite drug rehabilitation center, Book of Mercy is a story about the simple and the eccentric, working their way through remorse, recovery and redemption.

“Director Ann Filmer guides the players through it with a sharp ear for as much what they say as what they keep unsaid, heightening Becker's themes of isolation of the heart and how we choose to deal with unbearable pain and loss, as well as the demands and rewards of friendship and love… a moving and ultimately uplifting presentation of a passionate new work.”
Jeff Rossen, Gay Chicago

Richard Henzel, Gregory Johnson, Rhys W. Lovell, Bethany Perkins, Suzanne Petri and Amy Rafa

Barry Bennett, Michelle Lynette Bush, Michelle Caplan, Jeff Pines and Joey Wade

by Carson
Grace Becker
World Premiere
directed by Ann Filmer

Sep 26-Nov 3, 2002
Chicago Dramatists
Chicago, IL
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