In Times of War
Almost Done, Reunion,
Dark Pony
The House Of Blue Leaves
Arrangement For Two Violas
The Age Of Cynicism
-or- Karaoke At The Hog
WASP and Excerpts
from Cruel Shoes
Us or Them
Soft Target
Eric La Rue
The Clowny Plays
Book Of Mercy
The Liquid Moon
The Last Barbecue
Descent (A Darwinian Comedy)
I Came To New York To Write

Four plays, three nights, two actors…one clown.

Collections of four short plays presented at The Hideout by Chicago playwrights Lisa Dillman, Rebecca Gilman, Mark Guarino, and Brett Neveu. The Clowny Plays (about a man, a woman and a very rude clown) was the first installment followed by The Ghosty Plays in Oct 2002, The Christy (Jesus, that is…) Plays in April 2003 about a man, a woman and a Holy Savior; and The Bushy Play in Oct 2004 about a man, a woman and the Leader of the Free World. All except for The Ghosty Plays were directed by Ann Filmer.

In Teeming with Clowny by Lisa Dillman, Clowny trains a new hire in the proofreading department, with crazy results. In The Joker by Rebecca Gilman, Clowny's brother and sister pay a surprise visit. In See. Through. by Mark Guarino, a man and a woman explore their relationship with each other, art, and Clowny. And in Exit, Clowny by Brett Neveu, Clowny participates in an exit interview that won't soon be forgotten.

The Christy (Jesus, that is…) Plays featured An Easter Miracle by Brett Neveu, Christy’s Dumb Show by Lisa Dillman, The Chairman’s Wife by Mark Guarino and WWJD by Rebecca Gilman.

The Bushy Plays: In Lisa Dillman’s, Lick the Sucker, the First Lady prepares Bushy for the fight of his life: the White House Trivial Pursuit contest. In Rebecca Gilman’s Get Out the Vote, Bushy takes on the scariest threat of all. No, it’s not Osama Bin Laden. It’s America’s poor! In Mark Guarino’s Calibrated, the media turns a blind eye while coordinates are set and the bombs are launched. In Brett Neveu’s W., Bushy’s run-in with a homeless woman leads to mutual misunderstandings. The Bushy Plays was also presented at Nevin’s Live in Evanston, IL co-produced by Northlight Theatre.


Amy Dunlap, Harry Eddleman and Eric C. Johnson as Clowny. The Christy (Jesus, that is…) Plays featured Amy Dunlap, Harry Eddleman and Steve Walker as Christy. The Bushy Plays featured Amy Dunlap, John Gawlik and Doug Steckel as Bushy.

All installments featured maestro Edward Reardon on piano.

World Premiere
directed by Ann Filmer

Feb 20-Mar 6, 2002
TCC @ The Hideout Chicago, IL

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